Provincial construction department of party member、Deputy director-general of the Yao Zhaohui check hsin chong construction projects after typhoon transit…2019-09-18
Three block northA-R21-19Block economy applicable room project smoothly through the building energy efficiency demonstration acceptance2019-09-18
Housing real estate company worker mental health seminar2019-09-18
Three block northA-R21-21The demolition and resettlement housing delivery smoothly2019-03-13
Three piers on the westFG04-R21-04Block economy applicable room apartment project DE extraction to obtain the completed application form2018-04-08
Three block northA-R22-09Plot was identified as project“The first batch of zhejiang province building industrialization demonstration item…2018-03-12
Hangzhou city property management co., LTD“Junction room apartment”For lease2019-09-18
Ding Qiao orchid garden transfer listed announcements2019-05-30
About the food industry investment co., LTD., shareholders' equity value of publication of the results of assets appraisal2019-04-22
Hangzhou development center co., LTD., established in residential area1995Years5Month,Is hangzhou government to comply with the housing system reform and set up the earliest of affordable housing development enterprises。Now belongs to the hangzhou city construction investment group co., LTD,The registered capital5One hundred million yuan,A… To check the details>>
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